ADN Lewis

Adien Lewis

The industry’s best kept secret

Adien's Odyssey

Until recently ADN (real name Adien Lewis) was one of the music industry’s best kept secrets, having worked with well-known artists for over a decade while managing to stay out of the limelight himself.

But like many of the greats before him, Adien wasn’t meant to stay hidden forever; always striving to innovate and pushing the limits of R&B, electronic and pop music, it was only a matter of time before the young crooner would become an artist in his own right, lending his sultry vocals to genre-bending pop music and blending infectious hooks and experimental sounds with intricate melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

But the road to success is hardly ever straight and Adien’s journey is no different: he moved to LA to pursue his musical dreams but soon he would end up struggling to pay rent, commuting for hours a day and suffering from depression and anxiety, not knowing where he would get his next meal from. I

It was around this time that his mother told him that she was ill and her only wish for him was to be happy and that she didn’t want to pass seeing him stuck in a dead-end job.

Having found a new purpose, his rise to the top can best be described as meteoric: in a matter of years he started working with producer Brian Kennedy, collaborated with multiple international DJs, scored global hit records with K-Pop acts BTS (where he worked on their multiplatinum album “Map of the Soul: 7”) and Taemin (penning his smash “Move”), and sold over seven million records globally.

Even though most artists would at least consider slowing down after going through such a rollercoaster of career milestones and personal struggles, Adien’s decade-in-the-making overnight success only prompted him to go overboard and release his very first, self-produced solo EP “Alien Wave Volume 1”, an experimental R&B/pop/electro confection.

With many exciting new projects coming up with some of the world’s biggest stars, Adien may very well risk becoming famous himself, but never at the cost of compromising what he set out to do in the first place: pushing the genre into a new direction and always putting music first.

- ft. Adrenalize

About It"

"Beautiful Feelings"
- Ft. Suark

"Don't Give Up"
- Ft. Adrenalize

The Future of R&B

Wavy, weird & experimental

Adien is responsible for over 250+ million streams, including BTS’s #1 album “Map of the Soul: 7” and Taemin’s smash hit “MOVE”. 

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