Alix Robson

Alix Robson

A diva is a female version of a hustler


There is a saying in the music industry that it takes decades to become an overnight success. If anything, there is probably no saying that could better capture Alix Robson’s journey: the UK singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur has had to work harder than most to get to where she is at in her career; knocking down many doors, sleeping on cold floors of recording studios, and teaching herself music production as well as playing piano and guitar. 

But hard work is only part of the story: Alix also has an incredible knack for writing heartfelt songs and catchy tunes and knows how to lay down a powerful vocal that could easily pass for Leona Lewis or Emile Sande.

Her many ups and downs in the music industry inspired her to run her own studio facilities in London and Portsmouth as well as an artist development program where she helps upcoming talents develop their craft and make sure they don’t have to experience the same obstacles.

Just entering her thirties, Alix’s career is now blooming as she works with pop artists such as Sam Smith, Pixie Lott and Olly Murs and scores chart-topping hits with international DJs including Voost, Tom Hall and Scott Forshaw. Check out her brand new single “Moonlight” with Tom Ferry out now.

Alix Robson

"Want You"
- ft. Voost

"With You"
- Ft. Tom hall

"Enter with Caution"
- Ft. QUIX

"This Feeling"
- ft. Voost

UK House trailblazer

hard work
pays off

Alix has amassed over 20 million streams, releasing on several renowned record labels including Spinnin’ Records, Dim Mak, Perfect Havoc, One Seven Music, Notting Hill Music.

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Alix Robson