Bodine is a talented, 20-year-old-something Dutch singer / songwriter from Canadian parents who pours her heart out over ambient piano notes, quivering strings and minimal rhythmic elements after losing her first love as well as mourning the death of a close friend who took her own life.

Enjoying very long walks daily, she has a small circle of close friends and a loving family. Her songs are about finding healing and redemption, overcoming the struggles of heartache and comforting others that it is ok to be hurt, reassuring that even the darkest nights will turn into days while promoting hope and self-reliance. She seeks to connect with her fans and bring them comfort, touching them with her honest lyrics and heartfelt vocals and melodies.

Bodine gained popularity by regularly appearing on Dutch TV shows such as The Voice Kids in 2014 and 2016, Best Singers in 2019 and We Want More in 2020 and more recently Humberto Tan Unplugged. When the pandemic hit, she found the time and peace to heal from her wounds and transform her pain into meticulously crafted power ballads.


Her musical influences include Tori Kelly, Sia, Lizzy McAlpine, Julia Michaels and James Arthur. She is a mix of Ella Henderson, Lizzy McAlpine and Allie Sherlock mashed with Adele over ambient piano tracks, she sings powerful ballads and soaring break up anthems with a rich emotional depth and vulnerability, always keeping her head up high, staying light-hearted and wearing a disarming smile while occasionally bursting into an infectious laugh.

When asked “why would you risk everything for music?”, she simply smiles and answers “because I’m lost without it.”

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