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Carefully Curated Playlists

Playlist manipulation such as botted playlists and clickfarms have haunted the music industry for a minute and has given third-party playlist curators a bad rep.

To counter this phenomenon, we carefully curate who we work with by combining data literacy with industry expertise. We also carefully monitor your campaign so we can optimize our results in real-time.

Editorial Playlist Promotion

Editorial playlists are powerful tools for music discovery and it’s a public secret that Spotify and other DSP’s don’t condone ‘playlist payola’ or fraudulent practices to boost streams and visibility by bribing playlist curators. 

To achieve an ethical music industry, we therefore only work with credible and trusted streaming promoters who have decades of experience working for companies such as Universal Music, Sony Music, BMG Talpa, CTM Music, Warner Music.

DSP Promotion at a glance

How does it work?

To deliver real growth, we combine industry expertise with the latest data and technology. In this way we ensure that we only place your music with first-class playlist curators to provide you an outta-this-world service.

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Everything you need to know

Submission Process

The quality of production and the relevancy to our network are key to a successful campaign. That practically means we only commit to campaigns where we are confident we can make impact.

You can submit as many songs as you want at any given time. We take max. 3 working days to get back to you with a campaign proposal. After launching your campaign, we will provide you with regular updates. We are able to provide playlist campaigns starting from €300,- and up.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

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Think Ahead

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We only partner with trusted companies who share our values.

Reliable Data

We collect and analyze data to ensure the quality of our network.

Tailor-Made Campaigns

We tailor every campaign to your needs and budget.

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