Dear reader,

We are pleased to extend to you this personal invitation for our exclusive Neva Land Music ADE writing camp on Tuesday October 18 2022 in close collaboration with Abbey Road Institute. For the camp we will welcome 45 handpicked singers, songwriters and producers to create some outta-this-world music which will be pitched to our network of labels, publishers and artists.

By filling out the form and participating in the writing camp you accept the following general terms:

  • Neva Land Music will have the exclusive right to pitch all songs created in the camp for a period of 6 months (until 31 March 2023) to publishers, record labels and recording artists. After that date and if third parties have not taken up your song, you are allowed to offer the song yourself to other parties, and only after consulting with Neva Land Music first. If you are represented by a music publisher, record label and/or manager already, please inform us at;
  • In the event Neva Land Music has received interest by a third party in a song that has been created during the writing camp, Neva Land Music will negotiate a deal with all rights holders (e.g. writers and performers on the recording) involved. Under no circumstances will Neva Land Music make a deal on behalf of any of the right holders without their explicit consent.
  • Upon placement of a song resulting from the writing camp, either by yourself or Neva Land Music with a music publisher, label, artist or other party, Neva Land Music is entitled to a 20% management commission on all revenue deriving from all future exploitation of that particular song indefinitely. Neva Land Music will pay Abbey Road Institute 50% of Neva Land Music’s commission, which amount will be paid to the ARI Student Development Fund. Additional exploitation agreements will have to be negotiated and agreed upon at a later stage.
  • All writing sessions are based on equal splits, meaning vocalist, vocal producer, songwriter(s) and producer(s) will get the same share on both master recording (=neighboring rights) and writer’s share (=copyright).
  • Each singer/songwriter/producer can participate in only 1 writing session during the writing camp unless stated otherwise. Time slots for the sessions are as follows:
    • 10am-1pm
    • 1pm-4pm
    • 4pm-7pm
  • All participants in the writing camp are required to post at least 1x on their social media channel(s) about the writing camp and tagging Neva Land Music and Abbey Road Institute.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to We look forward to welcoming you to our official ADE Space Camp ’22 and remember: Fly High, Neva Land!